Pf Project, International Multicentric Research

The Application of the Videoinsight® Method is moving on.

At International level a Pilot Multicentric Study is running for the Application of the Videoinsight® Method in Therapy to treat the anterior knee Pain of young patients with patello-femoral problems not suitable for surgical treatment.

This study is performed simultaneously:

– in Usa, at University of Minnesota, in Minneapolis Orthopaedic Surgery Center, directed by Professor Elisabeth Arendt

– in France, at Lyon Orthoclinic Chirurgie du Sport et de l’Arthrose, directed by Doctor David Dejour

– in Japan, at Kobe University, in cooperation with Professor Ryosuke Kuroda

– in Italy, at Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute in Bologna, Professor Maurilio Marcacci and Professor Stefano Zaffagnini

It is the third experimental application of the Videoinsight® Method in Medicine.

Moreover is the first International Muticentric Experimental application of Videoinsight® Method in Medicine.

For the first time the Videoinsight® Method is utilized as a Therapy and not only as a support to a post surgical Rehabilitation protocol.