Rebecca Russo, The Videoinsight® Concept, e-book

Rebecca L. Russo, The Videoinsight® Concept, Roma, CIC, 2013, e-book su Apple Store – Inglese
Rebecca L. Russo, The Videoinsight® Concept, Roma, CIC, 2013, e-book su Apple Store – Inglese

‘The Videoinsight® Concept’ is an e-book available on Apple Store published by CIC in 2013.
It was written by Rebecca Russo: Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Contemporary Art Collector, Founder of the Videoinsight® Center and President of the Art and Science Videoinsight® Foundation in Italy.
It illustrates with text and images the Videoinsight® Method: the Prevention, the Diagnosis and the Treatment through interaction with selected images of contemporary art.

It is written in English and aimed at an international integrated, expanded audience: Contemporary Art (artists, dealers, curators, art critics, collectors, directors of museums, viewers), Psychology and Psychotherapy, Medicine. It was created for Education and Training in the artistic and psychological world. It is the basic manual for all students in the Videoinsight® Post Graduated Permanent Course.

The ebook has a text describing the Videoinsight® Method, many images of art works in high definition, interactive, with High Videoinsight® Impact, grouped on the basis of psychological themes, 15 videos of Contemporary Art (sketches) with High Videoinsight® Impact associated with psychological themes.
Artists included in the are internationally renowned. Among these, Marina Abramovic, Paola Pivi, Francesco Vezzoli, Ronald Ventura, Eko Nugroho, Liu Ding, AES+ F, Regina Josè Galindo, Santiago Sierra, Vanessa Beecroft, Katarzyna Kozyra, Nathalie Djurberg, Ali Kazma, Keren Cytter, Entang Wiharso, Victor Alimpiev, Polina Kanis, Julika Rudelius.
The works presented are not just pictures or videos, but also paintings and installations.

The psychological issues addressed are the Deep Anatomy, the Body, the Eros and the Thanatos (Sexuality and Aggressiveness), the Dream, the Identity, the Narcissism, the Compulsion to Repetition, the Dependence, the Retraction, the Relationship, the Multiplicity, the Change, the Communication, the Insight, the Creativity.

On the cover is presented the work “Anatomia Profundae” of Pau Golanò, spanish scientist artist.
It’s a dynamic, original and multi-media book.