Videoinsight® Rooms in Alzheimer’s and Complex Senile Dementia Department, Presidio Ospedaliero Consolata Fatebenefratelli, San Maurizio


Videoinsight® Art and Science Foundation integrates Culture and Health introducing – in an innovative way – Contemporary Art inside Health Care Institutions and Social Contexts in order to activate the Promotion of Psycho-Physical Well-being, Prevention, Diagnosis,Therapy and Rehabilitation.
The Videoinsight® Method by Rebecca Russo, already experienced and checked in Orthopaedic Medicine with objective results disclosed and approved in the International Scientific Community since 2013,
is applied in Geriatric Medicine as well, with the purpose of Improving the Quality of Life in Advanced Age Adults.

Since February 2015 Videoinsight® Foundation created new Videoinsight® Rooms at the Fatebenefratelli Consolata Hospital, San Maurizio, Italy: Rooms projecting selected Contemporary Art Videos from the Videoinsight® Collection with High Videoinsight® Impact. Videoinsight® Rooms have been activated in Recovery Departement and in Alzheimer’s and Complex Senile Dementia Departement – UVA in collaboration with Director Professor Piero Secreto. They offer to all patients Videoinsight® Experience to promote their Psycho-Physical Well-being .

Videoinsight® Program Goals are the Growth of Relaxation, Mood, Safety Feeling, Trust, Motivation, Imagination, the Reduction of Anxiety and Phobia, the Containment of Negative Emotions such as Isolation and Loneliness, the Reactivation of Healthy Resources and Psycho-Physical Dynamism and the Stimulation of Positive Emotions, the Psychophysical Evolution.
Giovanna Giovannelli is curator of the Videoinsight® Program.

Since 2015 Professor Piero Secreto‘s Equipe also collaborates with Rebecca Russo to realize the First Experimental Research, approved by the Ethical Committee, according with the Intenational Scientific Protocols, based on the Application of the Videoinsight® Method to the Alzheimer’s Syndrome and Senile Dementia Care.