Videoinsight® Primary School

The Videoinsight® Foundation applies Videoinsight® Method in Primary Schools for the Support of psychological resources, the orientation of attitudes and Talents in the Age of Development, and the psycho-physical discomfort Prevention.

The Videoinsight® Primary School, no profit, provides for the Videoinsight® experience proposal defined on the basis of the diagnosis of psychological, educational and teaching class groups. Based on truly careful consideration of the specific needs of each class group, after a preliminary meeting with the teachers, children watched Contemporary Art images with High Videoinsight®Impac , selected on specific objectives for Prevention and promotion of psychophysical Wellness. These images are interpreted by pupils individually and collectively. Spontaneous story-telling are valued by the Videoinsight® expert, and in a second moment elaborated by the children through body expression by theater-therapy.The Videoinsight® Foundation proposes the Videoinsight® experience also to the Teaching Staff and the children’s parents involved in.
The general objectives of the Videoinsight® experience are relaxation, elevated mood, stimulation of cognitive functions and creativity, the strengthening of confidence, the feeling of security and motivation, reducing anxiety by performance, the fear restraint and negative emotions, the activation of the developmental resources.
Since 2017 the Videoinsight® School project has been launched by Tita Giunta, Lucia Centurelli, Cristina Botte, supervised by Rebecca Russo, in three Public Schools of Orbassano: Scuola Rodari, Scuola Gramsci, Scuola C. Pavese.