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‘Love Stories’
13ème edition BEAUVAIS Picardie France
Le Quadrilatere | Galerie Nationale de la Tapisserie
October 8 2016 | January 1 2017

Codirection artistique:
Fred Boucher et Adriana Wattel

Curators: Paul Ardenne et Barbara Polla

Artists: Janet Biggs | Morgane Callegari | Henri Cartier- Bresson |
Enna Chaton | Mat Collishaw | Iris Crey | Alix Delmas | Aurélie Dubois | Mounir Fatmi | Shaun Gladwell | Lauren Fleishman | Dana et Sandra Hoey | Ali Kazma | Adriana Lestido | Tuomo Manninen | Robert Montgomery | Gianni Motti | Mads Nissen | Anders Petersen |
Pierre et Gilles | Gérard Rancinan | Kiah Readding et Pamela Arce | Olivier Rebufa |
Rebecca Russo et Georges H. Rabbath |
Andres Serrano | Tejal Shah | Malick Sidibe’ | Mathilde Troussard | Joel-Peter Witkin

Rebecca Russo et Georges H. Rabbath I woke up in Beirut 2015

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Palazzo Gondi |Firenze

29 September 2016
Palazzo Gondi | Florence

by Videoinsight® Foundation
Videoworks from Videoinsight® Collection

Palazzo Gondi , one of the most elegant patrician palaces of the 15th century, stands on the corner of Via dei Gondi and Piazza San Firenze. The sober stone facade rises majestically, gradually passing from the projecting rustication in finely worked stone on the ground floor to the checkerboard stonework in lower relief on the first floor, to the smooth ashlars of the top floor. In its gradual transition from projecting to smooth stonework, the facade recalls that of Palazzo Medici Riccardi, built almost fifty years earlier. In its ground-floor revetment of finely worked rounded blocks instead of the rough-hewn ashlars of Palazzo Medici Riccardi, it resembles instead the contemporary Palazzo Strozzi, situated nearby. Work on Giuliano Gondi’s Palace began in 1489, to the design of Giuliano da Sangallo, and inaugurated in June of 1495 by the Duke of Urbino, during a visit to Florence. In 1600, the beautiful fountain in the courtyard was added. In the 18th and early 19th century, various restoration and embellishment projects were implemented to adapt some of the rooms to the taste of the time. In the 1870s the City of Florence decided to widen the street that passed between Palazzo Gondi and Palazzo Vecchio, and the architect Poggi was chosen to direct the work. Poggi demolished an old palace also owned by the Gondi family, which was contiguous with the one designed by Sangallo, and widened the building,completing the facade overlooking Via dei Gondi as well.




‘I LOVE YOU’, the Show created and produced by the Videoinsight® Foundation www.fasv.it, will be launched on December 3, 2015 h7 pm at the Videoinsight® Center in Turin, Italy.
It will include paintings, sculptures, installations, videos and photographs taken from the Videoinsight® Collection.


Amina Benbouchta
Fatma Bucak
Keren Cytter
Gabriele De Santis
Nezaket Ekici – Shahar Marcus
Mounir Fatmi
Simon Fujiwara
Orazio Garofalo
Ewa Juszkiewicz
Yazan Khalili
Joseph Kosuth
Katarzyna Kozyra
Sigalit Landau
Taus Makhacheva
Joanna Malinowska
Aya Momose
Agnieszka Polska
Thomas Ruff
Melati Suryodarmo
Alejandro Valenzuela
Ronald Ventura
Francesco Vezzoli
He Wei

Image: Francesco Vezzoli La Bandita 2002 Videoinsight® Collection

The exhibition is dedicated to the most beautiful and indecipherable sentiment: Love.
It focuses on a primary, vital, urgent, universal, mysterious theme, with an individual and social actuality. Energy, Eros, Thanatos, attraction, passion, attachment, intimacy, nourishment, tenderness, rebirth, emotion, falling in love, affectivity, fertility, creativity, ritual, redemption, magic, mystery, relationship, communication, memory, history, imagination, reciprocity, confidence, courage, empathy, dreams, prophecy, but also unknown, risk, dependance, repetition compulsion, conflict, betrayal, manipulation, crisis, separation, abandonment and loss will be crucial issues.

All artworks present have High Videoinsight® Impact. They provoke interior visions, illuminations, emancipatory discovery, change, achievement of the Psycho-physical wellbeing. They stimulate free mental association, interpretations, narrations, emotional resonances, insights.
Viewers can interact freely with the works, expressing their Videoinsights®, discovering those of the others, in a research process that can become transformative chance.

The exhibition is part of the innovative Program Videoinsight® Art for Care 2016, cured by Giovanna Giovannelli Tita Giunta and Silvana Piatti supervised by Rebecca Russo Rebecca Russo Rebecca Russo Rebecca Russo. Spectators will participate to the interaction experience with each artwork according to the Videoinsight® Method. The curators will drive the spontaneous groups in the process of Elaboration of the Art Images through the Videoinsight® experiences, Scripture and Corporal Expression through the Theatre-therapy. The course is aimed to promote Awareness and new Resources for the Evolution.

Love is the best Revolution.