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2012 “Video – ACL” Research

In January 2012 Rebecca Russo introduced the Videoinsight® Method in an Experimental Annual Medical Research, regularly approved by the Istitutional Ethical Committee. This first Research has been performed with the most rigorous methods of International Research Protocol and has been conducted at Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute in Bologna. The title of the study was “VIDEO-ACL RESEARCH. The application of Videoinsight® Method to improve the functional recovery after Anterior Cruciate ligament reconstruction”. The experimental protocol has been conducted in collaboration with Professor Maurilio Marcacci and Professor Stefano Zaffagnini’s Equipe. Specifically Rebecca Russo has shown to 100 adult patients, during the rehabilitation program, 16 artistic videos selected and evaluated according to their high or low Videoinsight® Impact. The objective of the study has been to evaluate the efficacy of Videoinsight® Method in improving and speed up the functional recovery of patients during the rehabilitation phase after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery of the knee.

For the first time Contemporary Art is used according to this innovative approach in Medicine, as a Rehabilitation support.

The results of this Research have been significative and have been published in International Scientific Journals in January 2013.

Maurilio Marcacci
Maurilio Marcacci
Stefano Zaffagnini
Stefano Zaffagnini
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Pf Project, International Multicentric Research

The Application of the Videoinsight® Method is moving on.

At International level a Pilot Multicentric Study is running for the Application of the Videoinsight® Method in Therapy to treat the anterior knee Pain of young patients with patello-femoral problems not suitable for surgical treatment.

This study is performed simultaneously:

– in Usa, at University of Minnesota, in Minneapolis Orthopaedic Surgery Center, directed by Professor Elisabeth Arendt

– in France, at Lyon Orthoclinic Chirurgie du Sport et de l’Arthrose, directed by Doctor David Dejour

– in Japan, at Kobe University, in cooperation with Professor Ryosuke Kuroda

– in Italy, at Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute in Bologna, Professor Maurilio Marcacci and Professor Stefano Zaffagnini

It is the third experimental application of the Videoinsight® Method in Medicine.

Moreover is the first International Muticentric Experimental application of Videoinsight® Method in Medicine.

For the first time the Videoinsight® Method is utilized as a Therapy and not only as a support to a post surgical Rehabilitation protocol.


Video – TKA Research

In 2013 the second experiment for the Application of the Videoinsight® Method in Medicine started at Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute in Bologna. The name of this new Research was Video-TKA. It was an annual Experimental Research Protocol regularly approved by the Ethical Committee and follows the most rigorous scientific methods of International Research Protocol. The title was ‘The use of Videoinsight® Method to improve the physical recovery after cemented total knee prosthetic implant’. The study was performed in collaboration with the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department of Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute directed by Professor M.G. Benedetti and with the Second Orhtopaedic Department of Bologna University.

In this Study 100 elderly patients that underwent total knee prosthesis performed the Rehabilitation Program with the support of Videoinsight® Method. Specifically medical equipe showed four artistic videos selected for their High Videoinsight® Impact to 100 old patients that performed rehabilitation protocol after TKA surgery. The objective of the study was that ‘The use of Videoinsight® method positively influences the pain level and the functional post-operative recovery of patients operated of total knee prosthesis at 3 months follow-up’.

Significant scientific results have been presented since March 2015.