January 2016

Saint George Hospital University Medical Center, Beirut

Videoinsight® Room Project/ Saint George Hospital University Medical Center, Beirut

Since 2016 Videoinsight® Foundation started a collaboration with the Saint George Hospital University Medical Center in Beirut, Lebanon.
Selected Videos from the Videoinsight® Collection of Rebecca Russo are shown full time in the Videoinsight® channel on demand in all rooms of the Hospital in order to promote Well-being.

The Project was set up with Lina S. Moukheiber, MPH, Director of Development.


Videoinsight® Art for Care App

In 2016 the Videoinsight® Foundation launched the revolutionary Videoinsight® Art for Care Application (Videoinsight® Art for Care App), the App for mobile devices to promote psychophysical Well-being through the Videoinsight® Method.
The App works on iPhone and Apple’s iPad, all smartphones with Android operating system (created by Google).

This mobile and interactive user platform is published internationally. It has been developed in English language by Namaqua Studio LTD Suite 40, 372 Old Street EC1V 9LT – London UK.

You can download the Videoinsight® Art for Care App from the stores:

Get it on Google Play

It is a support for the physical and psychological health achieved through the Video Art, selected on the basis on its transformative potential with the aim of catalyzing the Videoinsight® psychological experience.

Videoinsight® means awareness and therapeutic transformation. It is a simple and basic intuition, a discovery that involves the mind and emotions on a conscious and unconscious level. Viewers are invited to interact in a profound and dynamic user menu with selected art videos and traits from the Videoinsight® Collection.

The Videoinsight® impact factor evaluates the effectiveness of certain videos and artworks; the capacity to reduce psychological and psychosomatic distress after stress, increase strength, improve the cognitive and behavioral power, stimulate problem-solving skills, promote the orientation of the attitudes and talents, cause evolution.

The Videoinsight® Method was been verified in clinical, psychological and medical institutions. It integrates culture and health in a holistic and interdisciplinary approach. The effectiveness of Videoinsight® Method has been objectively proven through many medical studies and it is well recognized by the international scientific community.

The art videos were chosen with competence, responsibility and professional ethics on the basis of the specific psychological needs of the viewer. The ability to select the appropriate video is the result of many years of research and scientific tests, that were carried out on the basis of specific and integrated expertise in psycho-therapeutic, medical and artistic fields.

The Videoinsight® Art for Care App is an important milestone for flexibility and usability of the practical Videoinsight® method; it enables the Foundation to help more people and makes users independent from other facilities and is an ideal supplement to all other Videoinsight® programs.

The App contains the following Programs:

Videoinsight® Art for Care Hospital
Videoinsight® Art for Care Emergency
Videoinsight® Art for Care Sports
Videoinsight® Art for Care School
Videoinsight® Art for Care Training

Beatrice Pediconi. Still 2 da video Untitled 2015

Artist Residences

The Videoinsight® Foundation has set up the Artist Residences Program.

Artists are exclusively invited to live and work at a place far away from their usual environment, to create an artwork that meets Videoinsight® concept.

The Foundation supports the Artist Residences Program and the implementation of projects of the Artist.

The produced work becomes part of the Videoinsight® Collection.

The Program enhances cultural exchange. The experience of living in a new place, meeting new people and innovative inspiration represents a valuable rare opportunity for the Artist and the Foundation.