April 2016

Liceo Germana Erba – Teatro Nuovo Torino – Coreutico e Teatrale

Videoinsight® Foundation created a collaboration with Liceo Germana Erba – Teatro Nuovo Torino – Coreutico e Teatrale.
Since April 2016 Giovanna Giovannelli, Videoinsight® Art for Care Curator, will realize with Liceo Germana Erba – Teatro Nuovo Torino – Coreutico e Teatrale the Videoinsight® Art for Care School Project.
Students will interact with videos from Videoinsight® Collection applying the Videoinsight® Method. The goal for the experience is to promote the Health and Well -being.

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Videoinsight® Magazine April 2016 N.1

Videoinsight® Magazine April 2016 N.1

Videoinsight® Magazine.
The weekly appointment with the Revolutionary Videoinsight Art World:
Aesthetics, Culture, Therapy, Innovation.

As from today, April the 5th 2016, on Tuesdays, Videoinsight® Magazine will be available. This Magazine will be the dedicated Videoinsight® in-depth news page: from the Collection theoretical and aesthetic analysis to information on innovative projects. The articles will be linked to the progress and to the evolutionary and integrative stages of Research on the Method conceived by Rebecca Russo, both at individual and societal level.

The weekly column Videoinsight® Magazine starts as an in-depth publication about theoretical and critical studies on Videoinsight® Foundation, Collection and Method. The goal of each article is the creation of an incitement for a reflection on scientific aesthetic fields, for the disclosure of a thematic topic, for the discovery of the style and work by an Artist of the Collection, the identification of the close relationship between the aims of the Foundation and the contemporary social needs. Our task will be the gradual and final explanation of the Videoinsight® Method characteristics and peculiarities. We will introduce a series of interviews to Rebecca Russo, to the Foundation’s collaborators and to the protagonists of Exhibitions, Events, Projects and Meetings. As much relevance as possible will be devoted to reporting and reviewing Videoinsight® Publications, and to art publishing and scientific Research which are dealing with the method with books, essays, discussions and articles.

Created by collector and psychotherapist Rebecca Russo, the Videoinsight® Foundation is working hard to divulge worldwide the Videoinsight® Method, the Videoinsight® Art for Care Concept and Videoinsight Collection® as new therapeutic solutions to improve quality of life and the global promotion of Well-being. The integration of the Method at all levels of society – without distinction of gender and based on interest in cases of vulnerability (crises, illness, discomfort) and emergency (migration, conflict areas, poverty, natural disasters) – remains the milestones of this mission. Through the program Videoinsight® Art for Care, a variation of Videoinsight® evolutionary practices already applied in all fields of social relations (education, work, sports, health), the method has so far reached the Primary and Secondary Schools, Hospitals (23 Videoinsight® Rooms have already been activated in Health Institutes), the leading centers for Training, Sport and Workout. The selected works for so many site-specific interventions of help, therapy, promotion, and training must respond to a series of essential criteria: ideal Contemporary Art has strong therapeutic connotations, already tested in Medical Research with recognized objective results, certified by the International Scientific Society. For this reason, the works of the Videoinsight® Collection can relax, increase mood, activate healthy resources, treat disease, support the pain, reduce fears, trigger courage for changement and increase confidence and willpower: they can consequently offer new equilibrium and awareness.

The Videoinsight® Foundation is active in the fields of Psychological and Medical Research, too. Following the intentions of the founder, creative practice and aesthetic fruition are processed with the radical recovery of their original value. Art, understood as an objectified personal testimony strictly linked to its own expressive language, can present horizons for investigations in the fields of prevention, diagnostic, curative and rehabilitative areas. As perceptive and linguistic simulation of life, contemporary art comes along a cathartic and evolutionary path, getting through process and transformation dynamics. Similarly, in tight connection with Aesthetics and Medicine peculiarity, Videoinsight® Method is deeply rooted in the original – individual and collective – insights and in the same innovations that support artistic and scientific experiments.

The revolutionary system conceived by Rebecca Russo pursues the aim of the creation of a knowledge science: a rich and meaningful mix of existential experience, biological and artistic creation. This objective which will lay new foundations in order to test innovative interdisciplinary fields for the devewlopments of humanities and sciences.

Ivan Fassio