Manifest of Art

by Rebecca Russo

Art is Life. Life is Art. Art brings more Life to Life. Art is energy. It is source, urgency, pressure, power, necessity. It belongs to human nature. It expresses primary, essential and universal needs. It is Love. It belongs to everyone. It is ageless. It is a powerful image. It communicates and contains fundamental messages. It is symbol, metaphor, proof and code. It is real action and unique, unrepeatable performance within time and space. It is history, adventure, experimentation and revolution. It is aspiration, expectation, the way to salvation and the conquest of the better world. It is narration, reinterpretation, rewriting of life. It is unsolved, elusive, limitless mystery. It does not offer truth, but suggests paths of interpretation. It is creation, expression, liberation, catharsis, fantasy and dream. It exorcises fears. It reveals secrets. It contains beauty and awareness. It turns the unconscious on its head. It is circular and immortal. It is rooted in the depths; it makes you fly high. It reveals resources and vulnerabilities. It is gift: giving, taking receiving, restoring and exchanging. It is relational: it connects and creates bridges. It touches the body, mind, heart and soul. It is sensation, perception, emotion, desire and memory. It is sharing feelings, pure contagion. It moves, warms and nurtures. It is a mirror which reflects the most intimate part of the observer, like a Rorschach inkblot. It is revelation, repetition, meditation, prophecy. It predicts the future, makes you travel, opens new horizons, pushes towards the frontiers of the unknown. It takes you into the inner world, penetrates the unconscious rapidly, draws outwards via projection and elaboration. It changes distances and points of view, breaks rigid schemes, overturns prejudices. It questions the complexity of meanings. It lowers resistance and defences, promotes differences, suspends between possibilities, provokes, destabilises, perturbs, renews, regenerates, charges and transmits vital determination. It stimulates evolution. It promotes change. It brings progress, breaks the stalemate, transforms, moves, releases, develops and gives lightness. It guides action and decision. It is culture, learning, socialisation. It unites people. It prevents inconvenience, consoles, compensates, promotes the Well-being of the body and psyche. It is chance, care, revolution. It is awareness, inner vision, intuition, solution to a problem, discovery that causes evolution and activation of resources. It is Videoinsight®.