Board of Directors


Rebecca Russo is President of the Videoinsight® Foundation. She is Director of the Videoinsight® Center and Professor of the Videoinsight® Permanent Course at University of Bologna. She is Scientific Researcher. She has a Ph.D in Relational and Systemic Psychotherapy. She is Philanthropist, Maecenas, Art Lover, Producer, Art Collector. Her Videoinsight® Collection’s curatorial line is based on selecting contemporary art that contains a high psychological impact and offers real psycho-diagnostic and psycho-therapeutic potential.
She created the Videoinsight® Method and the Videoinsight® Formats: Videoinsight® Walk, Videoinsight® Interpretative Museum, Videoinsight® Room, Videoinsight® Channel, Videoinsight® World, Videoinsight® Collector Room, Videoinsight® Portrait, Videoinsight® Performance, Videoinsight® Hotel, Videoinsight® Prize, Videoinsight® Sport, Videoinsight® Training, Videoinsight® Emergency, Videoinsight® App, Videoinsight® Art For Care, GIF Insight®, Videoinsight® School.
The Videoinsight® Method has been tested since 2012 in medical Research at University Hospitals. Results have been published in international Journals and presented in many lectures at international Congresses around the world.

Rebecca Russo lives in Montecarlo, Torino, Bologna.

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Manuel De Santaren

Manuel De Santaren is Videoinsight® Foundation Board Member, Co-chairman of the Photographic Comittee Solomon Guggenheim Museum (NY), Member of the Commission of the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston and Member of the Board of Directors of the Cisneros Fontanals Foundation of Miami. He is American Collector of videoart and new media art. He lives in Boston.


Agah Ugur

Agah Ugur is Videoinsight® Foundation Board Member, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Board Member, Managing Director and Executive Director, Member of Executive Committee of Borusan Holding A.S. at Borcelik Celik Sanayii Ticaret A.S. He is Video Art Collector. He lives in Istanbul.

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Najib Salha

Najib Salha is Videoinsight® Foundation Board Member. He is owner of the Phoenicia InterContinental Hotel and Le Vendome Hotel in Beirut, Libano. He is Art Collector. He lives in London and in Beirut.

Barbara Polla
Barbara Polla

Barbara Polla

Barbara Polla is Videoinsight® Foundation Board Member. She is MD, Doctor of Medicine, specialized in Pulmonology, Phisiology e Immunoallergology. She is Scientific Researcher at Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, in Cantonal Hospital in Svizzera, in Cochin Faculty of Medicine, Paris V University. She is Writer. She published on Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA, The Journal of Clinical Investigation, The Americal Journal of Physiology. She was Politic, Member of the Geneva City Council, Member of the Parlament at Ginevra. She is Owner of the “Forever Laser Institute” in Geneve and of “Alchimie Forever” Cosmetic Brand. She is Curator, Gallerist, Professor at Institut Français de la Mode in Paris and at the Geneva University of Art and Design . She is Journalist for Les Quotidiennes, Agefi, La Tribune de Genève and 24 heures Switzerland, Citizen K, Nuke and Blast Paris or Bariqaldana Kuwait, Drome, Art And, Roots & Routes, Kunst Magazine. She is Founder and Chief editor for Londerzeel e Critical Fashion Review magazines. She is Founder of the “Swiss Association for Emotional Architecture”. She is Founder of the “First International Conference on Emotional Architecture” in Geneva. She lives in Paris and in Geneve.

Melani Setiawan
Melani Setiawan

Melani Setiawan

Melani Setiawan is Videoinsight® Foundation Board Member. She is MD, Doctor of Medicine, Gynecologist, Ecographist. She is Art Lover and Art Collector. She is “Mother of Indonesian Artists” (2013). She is Author of “Doctor Melani’s Archives and Indonesian Art World” (45,000 photos 1977 – 2014). She is Ideator of the “Indonesian Museum of Records” (MURI). She lives in Jakarta.