COLLECTIVE | 8.11.2023

COLLECTIVE | 8.11.2023

“Hater”, curated by Rebecca Russo, Videoinsight® Foundation.

The Videoinsight® Foundation presents ‘HATER’, curated by Rebecca Russo, a group exhibition featuring the winner of the 11th Videoinsight® Award.

Di Alessandra Bruni

8) PITTURA Selena Leardini Casa dolce casa, acrilico su tela, 80 x 90 cm, 2022

Selena Leardini, “Casa dolce casa”, acrilico su tela, 80 x 90 cm, 2022, Videoinsight® Collection

SavinaCapecci, Socials Tedium, acrilico, olio e pastello su tela, 120x100cm, 2023

Savina Capecci, “Socials Tedium”, acrilico, olio e pastello su tela, 120 x 100 cm, 2023


Marta Scavone, “Ultimo eccesso alle 21.40”, fotografia digitale, 50 cm x 70 cm, 2023

Raffaella Baldassarre

Raffaella baldassarre, “Il pipistrello si crocifigge da solo. Come le gramaglie”, 2021, 50 cm x 125 cm (filo di ferro, velo di seta cucito a mano su intelaiatura di filo di ferro)

Il Torinese

Il Torinese | 2.11.2022

‘Può far male il “Bombardamento d’Amore”. Mostra collettiva di arte – terapia contemporanea’,

a cura di Gianni Milano

Negli spazi del “Centro Videoinsight” di Torino

Dal 4 novembre al 2 febbraio 2023

Evento incluso negli Eventi in Città di Artissima Fair

Ph: Michael Clegg, Martin Guttmann ‘Portrait of Rebecca Russo with the Swan’, 2020 Lia Rumma Gallery, Videoinsight® Collection ; Swan by Jana Želibská, 57th Venice Biennale, Gandy Gallery, Videoinsight® Collection

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Open Call for Artists

Videoinsight Prize 2022

The Videoinsight® Foundation announces the 2022 Edition of the Videoinsight® Prize, an international Award aimed at promoting Contemporary Art.

The Prize is open to all Artists, without limits of age, sex, nationality or other qualification.

The title of the Open Call for Artists is ‘ Love bombing. Gas lighting ‘.

The theme is the perverse narcissism, in its various facets: love bombing, isolation, manipulation, control, lies, gaslighting, destruction, empathy and emotional dependence of the victim.

Each Artist can participate by presenting an Artwork.

The image, accompanied by stylistic and technical data (artist name, title, year, technique, size) must be sent, between January 17, 2022 and March 21, 2022, to the email address

The candidate works will be evaluated by an expert Jury on the basis of their artistic and psychological issues.

The winning work will win the Videoinsight® Prize, will be acquired and will become part of the Videoinsight® Collection.

The finalist artists will participate

– to an Exhibition that will take place in the Videoinsight® Center in Turin during the days of The Phair (May 2022)

– to a Collective Show that will take place in the same location on the occasion of Artissima (November 2022)

Registration for the Award is free.

Below are the techniques admitted to the competition and the maximum dimensions to be respected.


Works made in full stylistic and technical freedom (oil, tempera, acrylic, ink, vinyl, watercolor, graphite, pencil, collage, etchings, engravings, printing) and on any support (canvas, paper, wood, plastic, iron). The maximum measurements allowed are 160 cm per side.

Sculpture and Installation

Works created in any material, equipped with sounds, lights, videos and mechanical or electrical movements. The maximum measurements allowed are: base 1 m, depth 1 m, height 2 m, max weight 100 kg.

Photographic art

Photographs on analogue or digital support, in color or black and white. The maximum measurements allowed are 150 cm per side.

Video art

Videos, films, slow motion, time-lapse and works made with all the animation techniques on any digital and analog support, of computer graphics. Maximum duration 8 min. For the application, the video file must be uploaded online and must not exceed 500 mb.


Performances created by one or more artists with any technique and form of expression and with the aid of any support material provided by the artist.

Digital art

Works made on the computer or using applications and digital devices.

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PHAP 2019

The Phoenicia Hotel Beirut, in collaboration with the Videoinsight® Foundation, launched the ‘Phoenicia Hotel Art Photo Prize’ Edition 2019

Jury Panel: Rebecca Russo, President of the Videoinsight® Foundation; Najib Salha, PHAP Founding Judge; Roger Moukarzel, Photographer; Tarek Nahas, Art Collector; Mazen Salha, SGHL Chairman.

One photographer per month is invited to the Phoenicia Hotel to produce one Art Photo during a one-night stay. An annual exhibition, displaying all 12 Art Photos, will be held at the end of the year. A judging panel will announce the winner for the year at the launch of the exhibition. The Phoenicia Hotel is a place where anything can happen. It could be magical, romantic, creative, intriguing, inspiring, mysterious. The lobby is a lively theatre of life. The hotel seeks imagination to grace its doors.

Applications open.

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