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The Videoinsight® Collection has been included in the BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors 2018, the global guide to private publically accessible collections of contemporary art Ed. BMW Group, Independent Collectors, by Sylvia Dominique Volz, Silvia Anna Barillà, Nicole Büsing, Sandra Danicke, Frauke Schlieckau, Alexander Forbes, Heiko Klaas, Christiane Meixner, Anne Reimers, Jeni Fulton, Büro NOC Berlin.
The revised and extended BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors presents nearly 300 private collections of contemporary art accessible to the public — featuring large and small, famous and the relatively unknown. This practical guide is a collaborative publication stemming from the partnership between BMW and Independent Collectors, the international online platform for collectors of contemporary art.


The BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors 2016

The Videoinsight® Collection is part of the BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors 2016.
It includes 256 publically accessible private collections and offers a full spectrum of the contemporary Art World.
The Fourth Edition – printed and digital – of the BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors is available.

The Videoinsight® Method by Rebecca Russo

Interview with Rebecca Russo


Phoenicia | Love to Love | Videoart Competition 2016 |

Phoenicia Videoart Competition 2016

Phoenicia Beirut, in collaboration with Rebecca Russo,
President of Videoinsight® Foundation,
launches ‘VIDEO ART PROJECT II: LOVE TO LOVE’ exhibition.

A new phase in the collaboration between Phoenicia Hotel and Rebecca Russo, President of Videoinsight® Foundation,
was launched on 20th May 2016,
with the opening of VIDEO ART PROJECT II: LOVE TO LOVE.

This new exhibition of seven pieces of contemporary video art, courtesy of Rebecca Russo and Videoinsight® Foundation,
is open to the general public and on display in the Phoenicia lobby space. Those staying at the Phoenicia will also be able to view a number of other new video art works in guest rooms, adding to the existing selection on the exclusive dedicated Video Art channel. Videoinsight® Foundation, one of the worlds’ largest video art collections, has collaborated with the Phoenicia since 2014 to display Video Art from its collection.

VIDEO ART PROJECT II: LOVE TO LOVE also incorporates the launch of a Video Art Competition, whose aim is to encourage and inspire artists in Lebanon. Entrants will compete for the grand prize of having their video work showcased at the Videoinsight® Foundation in Italy and the Phoenicia Hotel as well as a weekend stay at the Phoenicia for the winning artist.

Artists interested in taking part in the competition are invited to inquire for more details by emailing

The Video Art Competition and VIDEO ART PROJECT II: LOVE TO LOVE continues the commitment of the Videoinsight® Foundation’s vision and inspiration in Video Art, and adds to the Phoenicia’s established reputation as an art hotel that not only features many world-class works throughout its premises, but also seeks to support artists in Lebanon and the region, encouraging their talent to grow.

Phoenicia 1
Phoenicia 2
Phoenicia 5
Phoenicia 6