Videoinsight® Art for Care ‘The Healing’ 2015

by Silvana Piatti, Tita Giunta, Giovanna Giovannelli

In the ‘Videoinsight® Art for Care’ Programme 2014, before and after seeing 11 selected high impact Videoinsight® Art Videos, 100 spectators underwent three psycho diagnostic tests: the STAI anxiety measurement questionnaire, the BECK questionnaire, which evaluates depression and POMS questionnaire, which reveals mood state.
The three tests showed considerable differences in the spectators’ levels of anxiety and depression before and after the Videoinsight® Art for Care experience.

In the Videoinsight® Art for Care Programme 2015 100 spectators will undergo a Graphoanalysis assessment before and after viewing ‘The Healing’, a video by Emilia Faro according to the Videoinsight® Method and expression of Videoinsight® via Drama Therapy Dramatisation.
The aim of the experience is to verify the impact of an artwork on the spectator’s psychological and physical health.

The experience, as usual offered at no cost to the participant and by appointment, will take place at the Videoinsight® Centre, running weekly from Thursday 9th April at 7pm in four sessions:

– Writing a text for the Graphoanalysis assessment
– Viewing of ‘The Healing’ video by Emilia Faro according to the Videoinsight® Method
– Expression and elaboration of Videoinsight® through Drama therapy
– Writing a text after viewing the video.

Graphoanalysis assessment by Silvana Piatti
Drama Therapy by Tita Giunta
Organised by Giovanna Giovannelli
Supervised by Rebecca Russo.