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Art can heal. Art is powerful. Art can save lives. Art can bring us together even while we are apart. Art is communication. Art is looking at the world from a different angle or from a different point of view. Art has a great capacity to make us feel understood, empowered, and less alone.

In response to COVID-19, Videoinsight® Foundation is launching an Emergency Campaign around the world.
We are looking for Artworks that help to promote Mental Health and Well-being during these times.

Please join us by submitting your works.

Dead line: June, 2020

Stay tuned!


Picture by me_through_your_eyes

M45 artspace, Munich

Rebecca Russo, Art Collector, Videoinsight® Foundation President, Videoinsight® Center Director, Videoinsight® Advanced Course Professor,
in collaboration with Hajo Bahner, Tilmann Krumrey and Marian Dörfler, created a new Art Space in Munich downtown, in Mullerstrasse.
The name is M/45 artspace.
It is the first Trafopark Foundation‘s platform: a multifunctional center, a living art lounge, an experimental observatory, a creative laboratory for stimulating integration, innovation, learning, education and evolution. Art Videos with High Psychological Impact from the well-known Videoinsight® Collection are shown to the audience in M/45 artspace, according with the Videoinsight® Concept,for the Promotion of Well-being.
Art Program includes videos by international artists:
Nathalie Djurberg, Hans op de Beeck, Keren Cytter, Victor Alimpiev, Laure Prouvost, 
Katarzyna Kozyra, Kate Gilmore, Ragnar Kjartansson, Ali Kazma, Niklas Goldbach, Ivan Argote, Koki Tanaka, Marcello Maloberti, Marzia Migliora, Michael Fliri, Ulla von Brandenburg, Regina Jose’ Galindo, Ursula Mayer, Beatrice Pediconi, Ottonella Mocellin & Nicola Pellegrini, Petra Lindholm, Eulalia Valldosera, Vyacheslav Akhunov, Said Atabekov, Tobias Zielony, Tilmann Krumrey, Larissa Sansour, Maria Josè Arjona, Sophie Whettnall, Julika Rudelius, Agnieszka Polska, Vlatka Horvat, Fatma Bucak, Masbedo, Goldiechiari, Erdem Tasdelem, Vladimir Houdec, Cheryl Pope, Alice Cattaneo, Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkacova, Aya Momose, Beatriz Millar, Burku Gokcek, Canan, Driant Zenely, Edson Luli, Elena Kovilyna, Emilia Faro, Entang Wiharso, Farniyaz Zaker, Jhafis Quintero, Mary Sue, Melati Surjodarno, Naufuz Ramirez Figueroa, Nezaket Ekici, Noa Gur, Polina Kanis, Shana Moulton, Ra’ di Martino, Sissi, Taus Makhacheva, Tejal Shah, Hiwa K, Janet Biggs, Vlad Nanca and many more.
All Videoinsight® Art for Care Programs for Promotion of Health, Wellness and Quality of Life are imported from the Videoinsight® Center to M/45 artspace.
M/45 artspace starts its activity on April 2015.

M/45 artspace Mullerstrasse 45
Munich Germany