February 2016

Dentistry and Videoinsight®

Dentistry and Videoinsight®

The Videoinsight® Foundation discovers new frontiers of application of the Videoinsight® Method in Medicine.

In 2016 it launches an innovative project of Scientific Research and Prevention that integrates Dentistry and Videoinsight®, in collaboration with Professor Giulio Alessandri Bonetti of the Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences at the University of Bologna.

Patients of the Dental Clinic can watch selected art videos from Videoinsight® Collection to overcome fear, to reduce pain, to relax the tension before and after the clinical treatment.


Secondary School Videoinsight®

The Videoinsight® Foundation launched in 2016 a Project in Secondary School at Liceo Teatro Nuovo Torino. Students interacted with Art Videos from Videoinsight® Collection applying the Videoinsight® Method. Goals for the experience have been the promotion of Human Resources, the Prevention of Well-being and of psychological discomfort in Adolescence, the development of creativity. Videoinsight® improves the mood, stimulates cognitive functions and creativity, improves self confidence and motivation, reduces anxiety, aggressive behavior, fears and negative emotions. Curator: Giovanna Giovannelli.