The Videoinsight® Method for Psychological Support to Women victims of sexual abuses, ill-treatments, physical and psychological violences

In 2013 Art and Science Videoinsight® Foundation participated to the event Mothers Against Violence, held in Verona at the Camploy Theatre, curated by Maria Teresa Ferrari, during the National Day dedicated to the Prevention of Violence on Women.

Videoinsight® artworks have been selected for psychological support to women victims of sexual abuses, ill-treatments, physical and psychological violences.
In 2014 Videoinsight® Foundation participated also to the event Madri in Santo Stefano in Vicenza, curated by Maria Teresa Ferrari.
Videos from Videoinsight® Collection were shown to the Audience.


The ‘Chance’ Project for L’Aquila Earthquake Victims

On 14th, 15th, 16th of December 2012, Rebecca Russo, in collaboration with Santa Nastro, and Germana Galli, showed six High Impact Videoinsight® Art Videos to victims from the L’Aquila earthquake in Abruzzo, Italy. The event was entitled ‘Chance’ and Senator Stefania Pezzopane was present. The selected works displayed in the Museum MUSPAC of L’Aquila and through QTV were: Masbedo, “Schegge d’incanto in fondo al dubbio”, 2010; Cheryl Pope, “Stacks”, 2010; Alice Cattaneo, “Passaggi”, 2007; Victor Alimpiev, “Weak Rot Front”, 2010; Shana Moulton, “The Galactic Pot Healer”, 2010; Ali Kazma, “Dance Company”, 2010.