April 2016

Videoinsight® Secondary School Project

The Videoinsight® Foundation launched a pilot Project in Secondary School at Liceo Teatro Nuovo Torino.
Students interact with Videos from Videoinsight® Collection applying the Videoinsight® Method. Goals for the experience are the promotion of Human Resources, the Prevention of Well-being and the development of creativity.
The Curator of the Project is Giovanna Giovannelli.

Photo courtesy Silvana Piatti 2016

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Videoinsight® Magazine 2016|4

Videoinsight® Magazine 2016|4

Videoinsight App® for Iphone and Ipad

Language Innovation, Scientific Publication and Free Enjoyment of Videoinsight® Method

The belief of Rebecca Russian in art as a possibility of cognitive, social and relational innovation flexibof the method Videoinsight®, designed by herself, within the dynamics of contemporary communication, have driven the Foundation to the development of new ways of disseminating information, related, from time to time, to education, therapy, prevention and exploration of the links between aesthetics and science, sports, professional education.
New Videoinsight® Application for Iphone and Ipad responds not only to the individual needs of testing therapeutic and preventive solution. It is, in fact, the structuring of a true network where purely aesthetic interests, permanent search of meaning, progressive investigations on the complex and deep – sometimes forgotten- affinity between art and life. For a gradual and growing foundation of a science of knowledge, who can linguistically reformulate the common source of various disciplines, it is inevitable to use all media and languages of contemporary technology.
The users of the hitherto unpublished video sharing process for art-therapeutic and preventive function can choose among various sections dedicated to psycho-physical wellness (Art for Care Videoinsight® Hospital), to art care and to emergency relief (Art for Care Videoinsight® Emergency) learning (Art for Care Videoinsight® School), the contribution to sport and competitiveness (Videoinsight® Art for Care Sport) and performance improvement in physical training (Videoinsight® Art for Care Training). The user will have the opportunity to choose the most appropriate video for your needs among a wide range of sub-categories .
The Videoinsight® method is verified and tested in clinical, psychological and medical fields to integrate culture and health in a holistic and interdisciplinary way. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated through objective medical studies and recognized by the international scientific community. The videos – chosen with competence, responsibility and professional ethics on the basis of the viewer’s psychological needs – are the results of many years of selection on the basis of a new specific competence, the Videoinsight® Method, validated by an innovative practice undertaken in the fields of psychotherapy, medicine and contemporary art.
The Videoinsight® App for mobile devices is an important step for the enjoyment of the method. It allows to donate aid, awareness and knowledge, making users independent. It is an ideal complement for all other Videoinsight® programs.
Starting today, Videoinsight® Magazine will focus on a series of video inserted in the innovative world of the App, attempting to advise users on the choices to be made for their needs.
In the Training cathegory, the user can run into an engaging work of video-artist Said Atabekov. Battle for the square (2009) is a video in which it is represented a Kokpar, a sort of equestrian battle of Kazakh atavistic matrix. Two teams of horsemen contend the carcass of a ram, facing a struggle marked by centripetal energies. Colliding freely and chaotically, participants relive a ritual tradition with strong mystical meanings. From the artistic point of view, the work can show, on a symbolic level, certain aspects of discomfort present in the contemporary civilization. From a spiritual point of view, the dead trophy could represent an abandonment of a self-centered concept and the ascension towards a gradual awareness of existence complexity. Rebecca Russo has chosen to include this work within the Videoinsight® system for its strong positive values in the field of psychotherapy and, from today, in App. for the Training section.
The confusion generated by the warriors effectively staged a situation of repetition compulsion. This unconscious process pushes the individual to choose painful or unsatisfaction situations, without realizing that these are actively determined. As repetitions on similar backgrounds, these decisions have a character of obsessive circularity. The work of Atabekov can awaken, on this way, a desire to escape from a series of choisces, that are voted inevitably to failure. This video is useful, therefore, to focus on the real capacity and physical potential of an individual, to comprehend the ideal, existential and professional objectives,.
Also in the Training section,The words and music of Black by Bonnie Prince Billy is a soundtrack for the video ‘Let love be eternal, while it lasts’ (2006). The video-artist Michael Fliri tries to climb a mountain, using adjustable stilts on the snow level, but he is obliged to give up because the stilts have reached the maximum extension. Love is the snow to protect: the protagonist tries to explore it without trample, until its duration will not be canceled in distance. To fill the time with space, in a sublimated nature, in the setting of a romantic landscape, the hero chases an outdated goal: knowledge as matter and form. This video, an authentic representation of the firm purpose of a goal achievement, can relieve the viewer from fears and channel emotions, energies and affections in the acceptance and respect for an activity and, consequently, for existence.

Ivan Fassio

Videoinsight® Magazine 2016|3 | Georges H. Rabbath ‘The Better World’

Videoinsight® Magazine 2016|3 | Georges H. Rabbath ‘The Better World’

Georges H. Rabbath. The Better World
The Time of the Images: A Precise Position for Desire

Videoinsight® Garden, April 11, 2016

In the Videoinsight® Garden of Rebecca Russo, during the artistic-performative and interactive experience titled “The Better World”, the photographer Georges H. Rabbath has literally amplified the relationship with the subject of his own desire, formally and conceptually pentrating the content of the experiment. The result is a fascinating and poetic video series: tableaux vivants, action shots, images of true aspiration for new possibilities.

Creating images that expresse movement is the mode that the conventional representation has always adopted. Founded on the principle of contiguity between character, environment and narrative function instance, its nature links the whole construction to cause and effect chains. Editing will be inevitably hidden, invisible, functional to the story. Actions and gestures by characters will take place in a coherent manner and in accordance with the general set that makes and provides sense and total comprehension. This does not happen only for cinema, in the movies: we can find the same peculiarities in traditional creations: painting and sculpture, photography and theater.

The image, however, that can release time, can emancipate vision from any plot. While in the first case it was all functional to the narrative pretext, now every moment exude a new intuition, open to emptiness, expanded to unlimited space, to long waits, non-places, biological or existential suspended landscapes. The fluidity becomes protagonist, it gives up the composure to the polarities of signifiers: the characters are dispersed into the environment, placing himself in opposition to it, demonstrating their perpetual strangeness.
The creative power loose all linearity power: the narrative offers other utopian solutions. Hence the better world, perception of a way out: not only golden age, but clear and sharp variation and formulation of the future, premonition that self-fulfills.

Captured at the same time, the subject and his labor: the hints of all time spent and the mystery of the birth, the enigma of becoming. This is the aim of the portrait painter, the artist’s battle. The aesthetic practice makes constantly image, it outlines effigies and colors, it cuts through boundaries of universes: writing, music, visual arts, actor’s body or performing agents. This creation has nothing to do with imagination or memories clearly and definitively verbalized, with necessarily sensitive determinations. In contrast, the figure can be understood and perceived in the nakedness of a concept, on the wings of a prediction, in the purity of content, in the suggestion that remains etched within the encephalic depth, plowing into our unconsciousness. Photography, as a transcription of light, gives always to us an illusion of truth, asking for a suspension of disbelief. Although it can not be defined in terms of probability, cause each shot requires a choice and implies a point of view, it needs a prior approval. During the last century, paintings and video art have sucked lighting, assimilated the expressive capacity.

On April 11, 2016, within the Videoinsight® Garden Rebecca Russo, Georges H. Rabbath wandered with his camera lens. All we thought about a classic shooting session, enhanced by the author’s talent, always attentive to reports of improvisation between individuality and environmental, historical, relational circumstances. Participants would have wandered through the charming garden, thinking of their particular and unique idea of a better world in harmony with the requests and supporting structures of the Videoinsight® Method by Rebecca Russo. They should have found a vital equilibrium in a precise point between trees and shrubs and finally they should have let capture the attentive gaze of the artist. Georges himself, however, amplified his experience: he “improved” its relationship with the others, with the subjects of his own desire, penetrating formally and conceptually the content of the experiment. His works have been working on a spaceless time enriched by the movement: the place has become set design, an integral part of the journey in a universe all made by new energy. The fixity of the shot was prolonged into a sequence of few seconds tablaux vivants: Georges has filmed short videos, films that will become, perhaps, series of still images or prints. The result, for now, is the sharing of shorts without plot: the outline that binds them is the desire for a two-way possibility, the perfection of a dialogue made of silence, breath and pure existence.

By Ivan Fassio


Videoinsight® Room Project | Clinica Fornaca di Sessant

Videoinsight® Room Project |Clinica Fornaca di Sessant

The Videoinsight® Foundation created a collaboration with the prestigious Clinica Fornaca di Sessant, reference in the Italian health system, located in the heart of Turin.

Videos from Videoinsight® Collection of Rebecca Russo will be shown on the Videoinsight® Channel on demand in all rooms of the Clinic.

Doctor Maria Renata Paola Ranieri (Chief Medical Officer Clinica Fornaca di Sessant) and Doctor Giovanna Giovannelli (Videoinsight® Curator) are Curators of the Videoinsight® Room Project | Clinica Fornaca di Sessant.


Artist Residence | Videoinsight® Prize | 2016

Videoinsight® Magazine 2016|2
Artist Residence | Videoinsight® Prize | 2016| Eduardo Duaia

Videoinsight® Foundation – created by Rebecca Russo, collector, philanthropist and patron of the Arts – promotes and supports Contemporary Art.
Videoinsight® Foundation activates since 2016 the ‘Artist’s Residence’ Program. The artists, carefully selected, will be invited to create works inspired by Videoinsight® Concept. The exchange, the aesthetic experimentation in a different cultural environment, the encounter with other Artists and professionals and the inevitable and innovative inspiring thrust represent creative and growth opportunities for the chosen Artists and the Foundation itself.
The Videoinsight® Foundation has focused its attention on Latin America for a long time: Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Venezuela, Panama, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Cuba. Through the attentive gaze and the insights of Rebecca Russo, the Foundation has already supported emerging and famous artists: Ivan Argote, Regina José Galindo, Jhafis Quintero, Maria José Arjona, Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa, Alejandro Valenzuela.

Eduardo Duaia, Brazilian artist living in Rio de Janeiro, has been awarded with the ARTIST RESIDENCE 2016 Prize. The Artist will work in Italy in May. The Foundation will dedicate to Eduardo Duaia a solo Exhibition in 2016 entitled ‘Renascence’.

The aesthetic practice of Eduardo Duaia begins with a heartfelt reflection on the idea of rebirth. The images captured by the artist, strictly produced without the use of digital tricks, stand out in an intermediate space, conceptually equidistant from the realistic representation, from symbolism of dream matrixes and metaphysics. Their language is perceptual: a logic of feeling that seems to communicate through a delicate and suffused plastic style. Forms are light and airy. However, they are still preserving a monumental aura, a sign of willpower which they can contain or collect. Here, we can glimpse backlit buildings of the past, collapsed for a new creation of the universe

The work ‘Renascence’ – photo and video selected by Rebecca Russo for Videoinsight® Collection – paradoxically represents a horizon in the foreground: a hovering and candid egg on a soft cloud. Reality or staging, it doesn’t matter: a real construction of meaning by the artist arranged to communicate a sweet premonition, all to be performed.


Eduardo Duaia Renascence 2016 Videoinsight® Collection

The negative and distressing aspects of daily existence find expression through a recovered equilibrium of the composition. This is the case of ‘Fear’, which significantly indicates the experience of anguish about the future, exorcises any panic showing a crumpled blank page: it’ a releasing sculpture because of its tautological . Our fear is enclosed in what we haven’t written or that we trashed, just because of our insecurity in the relationship with the Other.


Eduardo Duaia Fear 2016 Videoinsight® Collection

The beauty, as all truth, is enclosed in a corolla. This flower reveals a fruit, crystal-clear and without filters: true power of nature. In “Beauty”, we can find a floral mystery and an unexpected biological miracle of anthropomorphic kind.


Eduardo Duaia Beauty 2015 Videoinsight® Collection

In ‘Resistance’, what remains of the world building is an ideation and insight of human manufactures. Demolished beams are still supporting our dreams, resisting in our imagination in order to support the structure of the our next impulse: the wing for an ever-possible flight.


Eduardo Duaia Resistance 2015 Videoinsight® Collection

In ‘Smoke gets in your eyes’, ‘I belong to you’ and in the series ‘Body’, the author himself becomes an actor-performer and, at the same time, the subject of his creations. Subjected to the image, the photographer has thrown them away, choosing to be imprisoned. Intended as vice or passion, as captivity or freedom of his own action, the body is explored in all its linguistic limitations, so that the artist can define a discipline: proper self-expression in the acquiree are comfortable with their gestures and postures.

Fumaça 1-1

Eduardo Duaia Smoke get in your eyes 2016 Videoinsight® Collection


Eduardo Duaia Body I 2016 Videoinsight® Collection


Eduardo Duaia Body II 2016 Videoinsight® Collection

Which is the path that can lead us to the exploration of our senses?
It uphill climbs on the side of a steep hill. The staircase was built centuries ago by the giants who preceded us. We need to pull a chain to hold on. It’s still a discovery, as in ‘Conquest’: the sincere admission and the consequent liberation from slavery in front of our customs.
Eduardo Duaia walks on this path, it retraces ritually, tramples shadows, ancient steps of millennia. At times, filming their own photographs with a fixed camera to create short insightful videos. In addition to continually emancipate their eye and himself, the artist want to give the same opportunity to images so that they find the escape route that their creator was able to enjoy and explore!

Ivan Fassio


Eduardo Duaia Conquest 2016 Videoinsight® Collection