Videoinsight® Rooms at Hospital

The Videoinsight® Foundation establishes Videoinsight® Rooms and Videoinsight® Corners no profit inside Public and Private Health Care Institutions in the world, in order to offer the possibility to watch Contemporary Art Videos with High Videoinsight® Impact.

This initiative can promote the Psycho-Physical Well-being in the patients during waiting in emergency, recovery and rehabilitation.

All videos shown are part of the Videoinsight® Collection. Every artwork is selected in relation to a specific Psychological Thematic.

On September 20, 2013 the first Videoinsight® Room was created at the Rizzoli Hospital in Bologna.

On January 2014 the first italian Videoinsight® Corner was launched in Gaetano Pini Hospital in Milano.

Starting 2014 new Videoinsight® Rooms and Videoinsight® Corners have been created in the World.

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