Videoinsight® Art for Care: 11 Video Steps for Your Wellness 2014

Art for Care

Art and Science Videoinsight® Foundation offers since February 2014 the innovative Format ART FOR CARE11 VIDEO STEPS FOR YOUR WELLNESS – Format A/B
involving the Artists

Yael Bartana – Laure Prouvost – Hans Op De Beeck – Kate Gilmore – Ragnar Kjartansson – Jana Sterbak – Marcello Maloberti – Victor Alimpiev – Koki Tanaka – Ivan Argote – Vladimir Logutov – Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkacova – Vlatka Horvat – Michael Martychowiec – Marzia Migliora – Canan – Burcu Gokcek – Cheryl Pope – Elena Kovylina – Naufuz Ramirez Figueroa – Emilia Faro – Mary Sue

It is the First Interactive and Repetitive Exhibition aimed at promoting viewer body and mind wellness.

11 spectators are invited every wednesday at 6,30 pm at the Videoinsight® Center in Turin to relate individually in a deep and dynamic way with 11 Contemporary Artworks.
The artistic experience is structured in 11 positions that can be interchanged between the viewers. It is based on artworks with hight Videoinsight® Impact.
The path was developed by the scientific committee of Videoinsight® Foundation – in its contents and in the sequential order of interaction – to offer a chance to improve psycho- physical wellness.

Art can heal!