DP 23

#ducatoprize 2023 #DP23

#Discover the Members of the Collector’s Board, completing the #DucatoPrize selection committee.

10 international #collectors will compete with the jury to elect the DucatoPrize winner and assign their special mention: Anastasia Sgoumpopoulou, Fabio Agovino, R.F. Jefferies, Enea Righi – Lorenzo Paini, Federica Maria Bianchi, Marco Ghigi, Marcelle Joseph, Roberto Spada, Rebecca Russo, Valter Cassandro.

The Ducato Prize is an Open Call Contemporary Art Award founded in 2019 to promote a dialogue between Italian and international Artists and the territory of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza in Italy. Check out their website for more information! This year’s edition is rooted in the relationship between the individual and the cosmos.

Credits: Michael Clegg, Martin Guttmann, ‘Portrait of Rebecca Russo with the Swan’, Videoinsight® Collection, Lia Rumma Gallery